Artist, Creative Director and Founder

Stefania Pia

Stefania Pia is an Italian multimedia artist and creative who founded the free-press newspaper PelleNoLeather in 2004 in Milan. She moved to New York in 2007 where she created 4EYESlab creative laboratory that collaborates with international artisans, designers and artists. In those years 4EYES were born, famous for the original “glitter eyebrows’ ‘. In 2012 Paul Sevigny, the famous night impresario of New York, discovered her as a DJ for her new spots Paul’s Baby Grand and Paul’s Casablanca on Spring st.  Her international eclectic music conquers New York and Know-Wave radio gives her the chance to create her own radio program called Groovy Classical, soundtracks and classical music that Pia uses to work in her studio producing art. She has been collaborating since 2010 with Vogue Italia Online. From the summer of 2018 Pia chose Palermo to work at AMERIKA 1491, a retrospective of all her American-era works that includes necklaces and sculptures based on recycle and found objects, short films and photos from her archive, FLUOminiatures, large-scale collage paintings and tapestries .
In november 2020 she launched PIA e-bazaar a curatorial project online where she sells a different range of objects from things she makes and things she likes with a big focus on local and seasonal small productions, unique, one of a kind, limited edition’s items.